About us

We are a provocative clothing brand for the young, dope, sexy gals and guys, that launched in  the beginning of 2013 in Los Angeles.

Maison De Castielle is the brainchild of Patrick and Olinda Castielle who are both Swedish. The simple reason of the brand was to create things that we would use, and love to wear and couldn’t find anywhere else. We choose only the best worn-to-hole softest sexiest fabrics, and we only make designs that enhance and reveal the human body in the most beautiful way. We have a long background in fashion, modeling, fashion, graphic design, art and media. We met during a television show in Mexico, where we became instantly best friends and a year later we bought a place together and became a couple. We celebrate the human body and we don’t give a shit about trends, we create what we want to wear and share. 

Sex is a huge part of our lives and we bring the sexual erotic energy to all our creations, to liberate and erase taboos, that are so ancient and silly. We are inspired by our own desires and wishes and everything we create is things we love to wear or see the other in. We only create things from raw passion and best quality.

The creation process!

Every is made from scratch. When a client orders a product it is uniquely made for that person. We design and choose the fabrics, which are always of the best quality, finest and most eco-friendly materials and the produce the apparel, add our personal touch and passion to each item so no two items are ever the same. We call our clients "lovers" as what the buy and wear is made with love and should feel like it is making love to them and their skin.

We are tech humanists and we are mobile, the science of telecommunication, internet, wifi and cameras makes it possible for us to create and run our brand from anywhere at any time in the world. With the technology of bio code and life code, which translate into 3D-printing and licensing of products means that our light structure and setup together with our clients, creates a situation where we are already used to and ready for the latest technology. Because our clients also are high end, it means we can implement the latest fashions in science very early on and become a market leader very quickly. We believe that the future generation is mobile and digital, thus less interested in the old way of shopping and sharing, more interested in using the latest technologies that exist to make our lives easier, faster and more exciting.

In a very near future we will offer our clients to buy any design the want and 3-D print the apparel directly in their homes and office.

Olinda and Patrick doing their fun and just being themselves. We love what we do and everything else is just a bonus!!!


Patrick Castielle on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/patrickcastielle

Official website - patrickcastielle.com 

Olinda Castielle on Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/msolindacastielle

Official website - olindacastielle.com